Part One – General Provisions

Section 9 – Public Announcements

(1) Public announcements are made by means of centralised, national publication on the internet2); publication may be made in extract form. The announcement shall accurately identify the debtor, stating in particular its address and line of business; it shall be deemed to have been made when a further two days have elapsed since the day of publication.


(2) The insolvency court may decide on additional publications if Federal State legislation makes provision for this. The Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection is authorised to regulate the details of the centralised, national publication on the internet by statutory order issued with the approval of the Bundesrat. This shall, in particular, stipulate time limits for deletion and provisions ensuring that publications

1. are not tampered with and are complete and up-to-date;

2. can be traced to their source at any time.

(3) Public announcement shall suffice as proof of service on all parties to the proceedings even if this Code prescribes separate service in addition.

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German Insolvency Code / in force since 29. December 2016